Congratualtions to Janja Garnbret of Slovenia and Alberto Gines Lopez of Spain for winning the womens and mens sports climbing gold medals at the 2020/21 Tokyo Olympics. They came out best over the three disciplines of lead, speed and boulder climbing. What we want to know now is what holds and volumes stood out and are going to set the trend for the rest of the year? Our team of route setters here at ICP have sat down, gone over the tape and picked their top 3 holds and volumes from the Tokyo Olympics.

Flathold : Creature of Comfort

A classic set with a range of comfortable slopes and crimps. This set is great for creating opportunities for setters to plan a great range of different and unique moves. These holds were used extensively throughout the competition in many of the boulder problems in both the male and female categories in the qualifying rounds and in the finals.
To buy holds from the Creature of Comfort set (28.01 to 28.41) visit the ICP Store.

Cheeta : Taji Pinches DT

Already an existing spectacular fibreglass grips set with many different pinch sizes and shapes. This set received a dual-texture update adding more risk and desperation to all the holds. The result is a more aesthetically pleasing selection that adds an extra layer of complexity when it comes to using them. Used during the crux middle section of the female finals.
To buy holds from the Taji Pinches Dual-Tex set (1-10) visit the ICP Store.

Kilter : Granite

An interesting texture addition for some of Kilter’s very popular kaiji shapes. The granite shaping adds small texturing additions around the grip of the hold giving it a completely different feel to their other lines (like the sandstone sets). Kilter have kept the smooth back of the hold making it difficult to use as a foot hold afterwards.
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These climbing holds were a hit at the Tokyo Olympic Games. You can order the entire range of Flathold, Cheeta and Kilter holds and volumes at the ICP Online Store.