A climbing volume sits on the floor with other volumes in the background

Whether you’ve never ordered climbing holds before, or you still find the process a bit confusing, you’re not alone! Placing an order for climbing holds is not an easy task, and it can sometimes be pretty time consuming.  We’re doing everything we can to make the process easier, so today we’ve pulled together our top tips for placing your first climbing hold order.

Plan ahead

The first thing we recommend is to plan ahead. Allow yourself enough time for your holds to be produced and shipped to your site. Generally, lead time for holds to arrive in Australia and New Zealand is around 4-5 months. However, this can depend if the product you are after is in stock, or if it has to be produced by the manufacturer. Large or very specific orders need to be requested from the manufacturer individually, rather than as part of a container order.

For large or first-time orders for new gyms, we recommend to place your order around 5 months in advance. This will:

  • Ensure your order arrives on time,
  • Take into account any public holidays (in Australia or the manufacturing country) that could slow down production, and
  • Allow enough time to identify any colour or hold selection issues.

The holds on offer can vary greatly

Obviously, the number of holds you have to choose from is huge. You can buy a tiny crimp or a volume the size of a wall, and all of these vary in price. Have a think about what kind of holds you want in your gym. Are you on a tight budget, or do you want the kind of premium holds you see featured in a world cup? ICP offers a number of different brands for all kinds of budgets, and we can offer suggestions about which brands would work best for you.

Consider route mapping

One thing that can help with hold selection is route mapping. This involves planning out which routes you want where in your gym, and what holds you might need for these routes. Why would you map your routes before ordering holds? Well, it can help you decide how many holds you need, what type of holds, what colour, how many of each colour, and much more. Alternatively, if you want to focus on opening your climbing gym and don’t want to get too bogged down with holds, you can always hire an experienced setter who will take the headaches away.

One final tip we want to leave you with – don’t forget the little things that you’ll need for route setting! Consider items like bolts, screws, screw bits and washers. How many do you need and what size should they be? They may be tiny, but damn are they mighty!