With the Olympics this year and climbing World Cups starting up again in April we are looking at a wave of fresh and exciting holds in our eager, chalky hands. We can’t wait for Christmas, so here is the ICP Route Setters mid-year list of the most anticipated climbing holds for 2021.

Flathold : Damage Control (2021 Update)

Some lists count down to number one, but we are starting at the top. This is the hold set we are most excited to get our hands on. The latest addition to the Damage Control range of holds have striking aesthetics and the clever use of dual-tex not only looks interesting but will help setters force moves in more innovative ways. Flathold has done a great job of creating a more positive holds selection adding a range of possibilities to the set.
To buy holds from the Damage Control (26.28 – 26.59) range visit the ICP Store.

Flathold Damage Control 2021
Cheeta Big Friends

Cheeta : Big Friends (Volumes)

Continuing to produce wooden volumes with instant appeal, Cheeta knows what climbers want. The bold shapes in the Big Friends series nails the aesthetics and present a host of new problems for setters to make use of. ICP route setters liked the option of multiple volumes with slight differences in sizes and depths while maintaining similar features for greater visual and movement control.
To buy holds from the Big Friends range visit the ICP Store.

Grizzly : Flakes

Making a bold statement with their new jug range, the Grizzly Flakes have created an interesting and intricate texture for climbers to enjoy. Visual appeal is enhanced by the attention to detail in the design that is inspired by that characteristic look of rock fragmenting. Flakes will require intricate and precise foot placement from climbers at the back of the hold. A decent amount of attachment points with both screws and bolts gives optimal manipulation of placement on the wall.
To buy holds from the Grizzly Flakes (GR065 – GR055) range visit the ICP Store.

Grizzly Flakes

We think all of these climbing holds and volumes are going to be a hit in 2021. You can order the entire range of Flathold, Cheeta and Grizzly grips at the ICP Online Store.