As a company full of people who love to climb, ICP has a passion for building awesome walls for climbers all over the world. The need to build fresh clean walls and try out funky new designs, it’s in our blood. For much of the last 18 months we haven’t been able to travel as much as we need to, so we can’t build as much as we want to.

In this current state of pandemic uncertainty, building walls isn’t as easy as it used to be. Steel, panels, and holds are ordered and shipped from around the world and can take over 3 months to arrive in Australia and through customs (shipping times have increased, as has time on the docks). Factories have irregular output as workers deal with lockdowns and the flow of quality materials is inconsistent.

Then we wait for suburbs and cities to reopen, to allow us back onsite. The expenses keep mounting up as we are continually flying our installers, route setters and assessors in and out of hot spots to resume working. Payments are delayed as job timeframes blow out. This causes more than a few sleepless nights for our project managers.

We know our mates in the travel industry have been doing it tough lately too. We had a chat with Glenn Checkley, General Manager of online travel agent TravelOnline, to get his take on of when travel might be opening back up in Australia and overseas:

“We have all been eagerly awaiting an official announcement from the Government on when domestic border bans will cease, and international travel will resume. Both state and federal Governments seem to be getting closer to agreeing on a roadmap to recovery, with interstate travel likely to resume before Christmas, once vaccine thresholds are reached. International travel won’t be too far behind and we are already seeing a huge demand in Australian’s booking travel for early 2022. Everyone is keen to get out and go somewhere!” – GM TravelOnline

So the experts are predicting our best version of ‘normal’ travel will be returning soon. That is music to our ears! We have jobs piling up and we can’t wait to spread the love of climbing once again.

We bet that the travel industry is super keen to get interstate and international holidays happening again too.

Finally, it appears the time of travel uncertainty might all be over soon!